Remnant Canine 360 Online Training Academy

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Michaela Ersae

Free Video Lesson

We hope you enjoy just a preview of the quality and in-depth training you will receive through our online courses. Start today to make you and your dog a strong team!

Michaela Ersae
12 Monthly Payments of $19.99

360 Bootcamp

360 Bootcamp is perfect for a handler/dog team that has little or no former obedience training. This package gives you the foundation for future success.

Nicholas Wallace
12 Monthly Payments of $24.99

Scent Detection

The Scent Detection package gives a straight forward step by step training process as well as practical insight on real life scenarios.

Tobe Whitley
12 Monthly Payments of $29.99


Learn skills and drills to build drive and bite as well as specific training techniques to control your perimeter and clear a building.

12 Monthly Payments of $74.99

360 Complete Training

All Three Premium Packages for One Low Price. Protect Defend Survive!